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WERF-LP FunRadio 95.7FM

If you're a local business, WERF is your opportunity to reach over 50,000 potential buyers for your products and services with daily announcements at a surprisingly low cost.

How is this possible?

Two Reasons:

#1. This is local radio targeting Alachua County. Our audience lives, works and plays in this area. For many local businesses, paying for coverage in Ocala or Crystal River is pointless; since it is unlikely people from those cities will be bothered to make the journey out of their own home towns. One of the great benefits offered by underwriting community radio stations is your ability to get your business on the air, even if you never before thought it would be possible to afford commercials.

#2. We are a non-profit radio station. We are not trying to get rich, or satisfy a group of shareholders with profits and dividends. Our primary goal is to support the station so that we can serve you better. We want to grow better so that we can serve the needs of our communities.

Audience Power

According to experts who study such things, the music you grew up with remains closest to your heart. For people who grew up in the 1960’s, 70’s or 80’s, we strike a chord, bringing them a musically nostalgic look at well remembered times.

We do this through a truly huge library of musical favorites. Unlike many stations with play lists of only 100-200 songs, our play list consists of over 6,000 songs. What’s more, we add new music every week. It is our goal to eventually have over 10,000 songs to play for you. You won’t find that kind of variety on any other station in our area. This makes our audience fiercely loyal. They tune in and stay tuned.

Our rockin' oldies format appeals to a demographic segment that is often ignored by traditional broadcasters. Although we have many younger listeners, our audience is predominantly the baby boomers. These people are often ignored by traditional media (the last station that played oldies in Alachua county was sold and changed formats about 10 years ago). Most of our listeners are comfortably well off, educated consumers.

WERF-LP Coverage Map

About Us:

WHO: WERF is a not for profit community radio station broadcasting on 95.7 in the west Gainesville area.

WHAT: One of the very few Low Power FM stations that is not owned by a school or church, WERF, “FunRadio 95.7FM,” is locally programmed and operated, entirely by volunteers.

WHERE: Located in Alachua County, about halfway between Gainesville and Newberry, WERF serves the fastest growing, most affluent areas of Alachua county. Although this area has grown very rapidly since the census was taken in 2000, even the old census data shows that the WERF signal reaches over 50,000 people every day. That means that there are more folks covered by our signal than some full-powered radio stations have in their listening areas.

HOW: In June of 2001, the Federal Communications Commission opened an application window for low power stations in Florida. At that time, we applied for a construction permit. We received a permission from the FCC to proceed in May of 2006, and signed on July 04, 2007.

WHEN: FunRadio is on the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week playing music and interesting programs for you.

WHY: WERF is a community radio station established with the idea of serving the needs of the people in our service area. There are no hidden agendas to our programming past public service to the community.

The funds generated from sponsorship announcements are what keeps FunRadio on the air.  We can't do this without you. Your support is essential. 

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call our Business Office at (352) 577-9373, or just .

We're your spot on the dial for great music & interesting programs!

FunRadio 957 is WERF-LP. We are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission

WERF-LP also pays music licensing fees to the following organizations:

   WERF-LP Pays Royalties to ASCAP & BMI   WERF-LP Pays Royalties to ASCAP & BMI 

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